Course Development Team

The Pingu's English Course Development TeamThe Pingu's English syllabus, course structure and learning methodology were developed by a team of leading English language learning and child education experts, and are published exclusively by the Linguaphone Group.

Dr Diana Hicks

Curriculum Designer and Course Writer

Diana Hicks has over 30 years of experience as a teacher, trainer, author and language and curriculum consultant. A qualified preschool and secondary school teacher, Diana has been writing English language textbooks for children for more than 25 years. She has a particular interest in the development of reading and writing skills in English for students whose mother tongue is expressed in a different script.

Daisy Scott

Video Script Writer, Story Writer and American English Consultant

Daisy's most recent work has been a writer on the American PBS networked children's program Arthur and Peep's – the latter won an Emmy Award for its inaugural season. She was also a consultant on "Zoom and Ready to Learn". All these are television programs aimed at pre-school children.

Mike Raggett

Creative Director

Mike is an experienced creator of the audio visual components for English Language Training (ELT) courses at all levels. Like the video course of Direct English and Linguaphone - face-to-face learning - from LinguaphoneGroup's, Mike Raggett produced many videos for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language, workbooks and interactive-based programs for children, adolescents and young adults.