Study Pack

As soon as your child is enrolled on a Pingu's English course, they'll be given a fun Student Study Pack for their level containing course materials. These include:


Watch, listen, laugh, learn! Share Pingu's educational adventures with family and friends.

Pingu's English DVD

These are the central learning components of the course: the DVDs develop all four key skills of language acquisition: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Entertaining to watch, they present, build and emphasise the language learned in each unit.

Study Books

These colourful books revisit the vocabulary and language structure of the DVD and then present it in different ways to make it personal and conversational.

Pingu's English Study Books

Activity Books

Doing is the best way to learn! Listen, point and say, colour the picture and trace the letters are just some of the imaginative activities covered in these books. These make language familiar through practise, and develop essential motor skills– all while having fun.

Pingu's English Study Books

Song Book and CD

Sing along in English! The variety of songs in the book and CD help familiarise your child with the language used in the Story and Activity Books.

The words also help your child acquire the intonation, stress patterns and rhythms of English.

Pingu's English Song Book and C

Story Books and CDs
Engaging stories repeat and reinforce the language learned, extending the storyline's vocabulary and language structures in new scenarios.

Pingu's English Story Books and CDs

Interactive Multimedia CD-Rom

Practise and play! These engaging, interactive exercises help your child practise vocabulary, grammar and language structures learned while reinforcing listening skills and comprehension. They also develop mouse and keyboard coordination games and activities.

Pingu's English Interactive Multimedia CR-Rom

Student's Flashcards

A playful way to help your child visualise, hear and practise the words they've learned. For use in the car, at home or at a party, these portable flashcards review and reinforce word recognition by presenting the key vocabulary learned in the DVD.

Pingu's English Student Flashcards