História do Pingu´s English

Pingu's English Mother

Who is Pingu?

Pingu is the lovable little penguin who's become famous across the world through the award-winning children's animated television program. The Pingu stories follow his captivating daily adventures with family and friends in the South Pole.

Pingu was born in 1984, the plasticine brainchild of animators Ottmar Gutmann and Harold Muecke. He was barely one year old when he made his first appearance in several short episodes. At the time he still answered to the name Hugo!

Pingu next starred in a pilot movie developed in 1986 for Swiss TV. Following its success, the show was transformed into the television show so well known and loved today.

Since then, more than one billion people have seen Pingu on 160 television channels worldwide. And now his popularity grows further as children all over the world enjoy learning English with Pingu.

Pingu's English Play

What is Pingu's English?

Pingu's English is a unique and highly effective children's English language course based on this enormously popular animated television character.

Centred around his true-to-life everyday adventures with family and friends, Pingu's English makes English fun to teach and fun to learn, for young children of 3-7+ years old.

The course is brought to you by the Linguaphone Group, the global language training provider. Put simply, it's the most fun, friendly and effective English course for pre-school children available today.

Aims of Pingu's English

The main aim of Pingu's English is to help your child communicate confidently in English by making the course fun.

Teachers stay motivated and "lessons" become more like playtime, so your child learns faster!

The specific aims of our three-level course are:

  • Linguistic – gives your child a solid vocabulary base for understanding and speaking confidently in English, as well as developing letter recognition in preparation for reading and writing
  • Educational – helps your child adapt to a classroom setting, and acquire and develop motor skills for pencil control, computer skills and listening
  • Social – teaches your child about sharing and taking turns, practices co-operation and group skills with others, and recognition and observation skills essential for further education.

Unlike many other courses, Pingu's English uses an integrated syllabus so your child learns the four key skills of speaking, understanding, reading and writing at the same time. And unlike other courses, children succeed with Pingu's English because they learn to enjoy learning!

Pingu's English achieves its aims because it understands these principles:

  • All children learn in different ways, have a limited attention span and are inquisitive
  • A spiral syllabus gives more opportunities for children to practice what they've learnt
  • Meaningful chunks of language boost communication faster. Many other providers simply teach words, Pingu's English does so much more.