Online Learning Zone

It's now more important than ever for your child to be confident with computers and the internet. That's why within our Pingu's English Online Learning Zone, we'll provide you with a wealth of additional fun learning games and activities for your child to enjoy online while they're learning English with Pingu.

From matching pairs to colouring pictures, there are lots of interactive activities to entertain and encourage your child while they reinforce and practise English in different situations. Take a look at a few examples by clicking here


Review and Assess Your Child's Progress

Many courses wait until the end of training to test your child. That's too late to discover if your child needed more training!

In our Test Zone, you'll find online tests written specifically for our course. What's more, you'll be able to track your child's progress and understanding.

By assessing your child throughout the course we ensure they're guaranteed to succeed!

At the end of each test, your child will receive a Certificate of Achievement to reward their accomplishment, build their confidence and inspire them to continue learning English.

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