Activities Pack

Once enrolled, your child will also be given a Pingu's English Student Activity Pack.

Used across all three levels, this pack contains a wide range of additional games and activities for you and your child to practice what they've learned through play including:

Letters and Numbers Book and DVDs

Essential practice in pencil control (writing) and letter recognition (reading) that can be used in class or at home. These are integral to the course and help your child practice the often difficult skill of writing in a script that is typically not their own.


Pinguland Mat and Figurines

Used throughout the course, these resources will help your child use their imagination to enter the world of Pingu, his family and friends.


Height and Progress Chart and Stickers

These record your child's physical growth and progress through Pingu's English.


Jigsaw Puzzle

A fun, large puzzle that uses the alphabet to help your child develop letter recognition and motor skills.


Alphabet and Number Friezes

These are used to develop letter and number recognition, as well as decorating a child's bedroom or classroom.


Coloring Book

A bumper book of drawings of Pingu and his world gives your child further opportunities to practice motor skills and appreciate colours.


More Adventures with Pingu DVD

An entertainment-filled, bonus DVD featuring six Pingu television episodes not used within the Pingu's English course. Just for fun.



A fun and functional way to carry course materials to and from class.