Meet Pingu and his family

Pingu's English  Family
Pingu's English is the most realistic, true-to-life children's English course available that teaches your child genuine, usable English.

It's all based around the adventures of Pingu and his family and friends in the South Pole. Your child will get to know them all really quickly once they start studying, but here's a quick introduction: As well as Pingu, there's Pingu, Pinga, Robby, Mommy, Daddy and Grandpa. And, of course, there's Monster, Pingi and Pingo too.


Pingu is a charming, and fun-loving penguin known and loved by children (and adults!) around the world. Your child cannot fail to be captivated by Pingu and his daily adventures in the snow and ice of the South Pole. Although cheeky, Pingu never means to cause any real trouble. He is very loving and loyal to his family.


Robby the seal is Pingu's best friend and together they often get into double the trouble! A big fan of practical jokes, Robby is open and playful and always ready to indulge in his favourite pastime – fishing!


Pinga is Pingu's baby sister who loves her big brother and always tags along when he's around. Pinga is loved by all, although she is capable of throwing quite a tantrum when something upsets her! She loves her toy rabbit which she carries with her everywhere.

Pingu's Father

Pingu's Daddy is the local postman who also has a real talent for making toys. He delivers the post on his skidoo (sledge), which also takes the family out on trips, visiting the shops or Grandpa's igloo. Daddy enjoys making toys for his children and doing DIY. He is firm with Pingu and Pinga but adores all his family. He is a calm and solid character who can handle pretty much anything – whether it's Pingu stuck in a snowdrift or Pinga crying over a lost toy.

Pingu's Mother

Pingu's Mommy can generally be found at home in the igloo. Although Pingu's behaviour can sometimes make her cross, she is always there to give him a hug when he needs one. She is patient with her two children and loves them very much. She is sensible in what she allows them to do, but understands that children need to have fun too! Mommy likes to see her family happy and is always baking cakes and keeping the igloo tidy. She and Pingu's father share the household chores which could be knitting, cooking or doing the ironing. When she manages to finds a moment to herself Mommy knits, or reads the newspaper.

Pingu's Grandfather

Pingu's Grandpa is the sort of grandfather every child dreams of. He is still quite active and is very approachable and kind. He is often coming up with something to keep Pingu occupied, and relies on his family to help him out too!


Pingi is Pingu's devoted and affectionate girlfriend, keen to be liked by everyone she meets. When Pingu is around she is happy to take a back seat, but when she needs to, she has a surprisingly tough nature and a great ability to stand up for herself.


Pingo is a school friend of Pingu, easily identified by his long beak.


Bajoo is a clumsy and shy monster who doesn't like the cold! He is always wrapped up in a scarf and earmuffs.

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