Why partner with us?

With so many English courses for children available in the market, why we believe the Pingu's English will revolutionize the teaching of English to children? Why is the Pingu's English is just an exceptional opportunity for business? 

These are just four of the reasons why you should invest in Pingu's English.

Global Awareness

Seen by more than 1 billion people in over 160 television channels worldwide, and over 5 million books sold globally, a character Pingu is internationally recognized and adored by children.

The opportunity to thrive brand awareness generated by the television series, publishing and marketing the character Pingu  is huge.

An English Course for Children Academically approved

Pingu's English course is a highly flexible, pedagogically sound and based on the strength of the globally known brand Pingu. The course gives parents the security quality of supply, sound education and the safety and welfare of the child.

A Highly Profitable Business Model

There are a variety of business opportunities that can be applied to Pingu's English, since the establishment of a chain of Pingu's English schools, licensing methodology to partners, to distribution of products in a form of distance learning.

Whatever the business model, the characteristics of Pingu's English allow you to create a significant opportunity for high profit.

Unmatched Expertise

Advance Station is master franchisor for Portugal Pingu's English and has exclusive rights licensing and marketing of the brand throughout the country, putting over the whole process of your knowledge of brand management and the methodology to give full support to its partners. The Station Advance is pleased, once again, be working with the  Linguaphone Group this time in the development of a network Pingu's English in Portugal.

Your Success is Our Success

Apart from Portugal, through partnership with the Advance Station, the Linguaphone Group is results in other international markets with proven success. China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are only a few countries where the brand Pingu's English is already deployed.

The Linguaphone Group is the world leader in providing solutions and services for distance learning and classroom language teaching and operates under the brands Linguaphone, Direct English and Pingu's English, all of which are internationally recognized. With over 111 years of experience, the Group has an extensive network of 200 training centers in over 25 countries. Their experience and knowledge brought him a reputation as a world authority on language training. For all these reasons that our partners can be confident in their adherence to Pingu's English network, thus helping to share their experience, knowledge and support so that we can achieve an even higher level of business success.