The credibility of the Advance Group Station is due to several factors. Comprising companies with more than 20 years of history in the market, has partnerships with global brands and representations of reference in their specific areas (such as the Linguaphone) and prides itself on its customer list, where we can find national and global companies of utmost importance. Credibility is something we seek at all times and we intent to do the same for the next 20 years.


The robustness of a group of companies and brands with more than 80 employees, with a significant volume of sales, a large base of private and business customers, is a decisive factor in the strength of the partnership.  By becoming our partner you can rely on a master franchise which is a group with a history and want to continue to make history.


Ambition is a word that is very expensive. The group's evolution towards a franchise brands is part of this ambitious project. A group that 10 years ago was a training company B2C and now, in addition to their companies and brands, represents in Portugal some multinational global projection.


The size group allows us to give support in an extremely professional way. Experience in various areas of running a business is crucial for the improvements and avoid common mistakes in the management of any business. We bring added value to our partners in various areas such as strategy, commercial, marketing, customer service, finance / accounting or billing.


More than two decades of experience and very diverse experience in various areas of business, all of them directly related to "Working and developing people's skills" give us a strength which increases every day.