Knowledge of the market

It is essential that our partner knows the market to which you want to devote. And the market means the territory to be worked and the characteristics of the local population, educational institutions, competition, etc.


The location can be critical to the speed of return on investment. We look for places with high exposure, to give a sense of security to parents who decide to entrust us their children. The accessibility and parking are always factors to consider.

Customer needs

The sooner we anticipate the needs of our customers, the stronger is the proposal that we make available to the market. Detailed knowledge of local trends in this particular sector (eg public or private education) is a key asset and that will make a difference in the implementation of the business.

Legal norms

It is absolutely necessary to master and understand the rules that should govern the business model that you decide to implement. The greater or lesser depth of services can be facilitated or blocked by specific legislation.

Business plan

Whether at a later stage, we pay full support in the preparation of financial statements and the final model of the business plan, it is essential that our partner can develop a plan of action that can be turned into a business plan denoting a vision for the area and the business we provide.