Personal profile

The personal profile is critical because it will dictate the ability to be or not to be a successful businessman. Features such as determination, competitiveness, interpersonal ability, motivation to influence others, among others, are a fundamental feature we seek in our franchisees. To measure these characteristics, we have the support of Unicenter Pro - a company specialized in management skills - conducting personality assessment to the respective candidates.

Professional profile

The professional profile is a mandatory setting, but the ability to work with very young target audience is almost decisive for awakening the passion. Professionals related to education have an opportunity to meet that their cause.

Investment capacity

The investment capacity is absolutely necessary for the assembly of a physical space and also for finance the first month of activity. To have some capital to invest in the business is increasingly important, even to enable the leveraging of bank debt or other.


The motivation - cited above - is a critical point. The motivation factor is is an unstable factor, but we can easily identify what "normally" attracts and motivates us. It is a basic requirement for us to realize if our franchisee, or candidate, has a structural motivation for the creation and development of such business.


The availability is critical factor. It is not easy to manage this business from a distance. It is not for investors with strict financial motivations. In front of the business it is fundamental to have someone with an absolute dedication to it. This business is a life project. We look for those who want to embrace this perspective.