Advance Station Group

The ADVANCE STATION is a company that stands out in the development market of professional and human skills and carries on business in Portugal. With more than 70 employees, has demonstrated throughout its existence, a high capacity for innovation, and well grounded and sustained solid growth.

Beginning in 2001, accumulated experiences, discovered and raised new questions as a team, gather skills and achieve success.

The company grew and wants to strengthen the market as a "Network of Experts" - a group of companies, each one focused on a set of skills, characterized by agility and flexibility in the face of change.

Currently, STATION ADVANCE is organized into the following business areas:

  • STATION ADVANCE - Professional Training;
  • STATION ADVANCE - Consulting;
  • STATION ADVANCE - Education;
  • STATION ADVANCE - Research & Development;
  • STATION ADVANCE - Franchising ;

These business areas, represent the development of several commercial brands, each one with their specialized services, some are patented by himself and others under exclusive representation in Portugal. Below you can browse and query them on their websites.

Advance Station

Instituto Unicenter - Marcas - Advance StationThe ADVANCE STATION is a unique company in the market development of human skills and professionals in Portugal. Currently is organized into the following business areas: Professional Training, Consulting, Research & Development and Franchising.


Instituto Unicenter - Marcas - Skills GymThe meaning of the concept "Unicenter" in its origin is defined as a set of "Unique Centers" using the business model - One Stop Shop - which offers several services in one place. We appreciate the time and money of our clients. At the Unicenter Institute we can find the expert solutions you need, in coordination with the demands of their professional and personal life and achieve extraordinary results.

Pro Unicenter

Instituto Unicenter - Marcas - Pro UnicenterThe Pro Unicenter is a young brand - created in 2009 - by Advance Station Group (ADS). Dedicated to two areas: Training and Development, provided with methodologies, technical and excellent materials as well as highly experienced and specialized teams. 

Skills Gym

Instituto Unicenter - Marcas - Skills GymThe Skills Gym Center is a brand specialized in the development of skills. Our services are dedicated to vocational guidance and training of Foreign Languages ​​and Information Technology.

Formação de Formadores

Instituto Unicenter - Marcas - Formação de FormadoresWe have created a brand dedicated to all professionals who wish to start a career as trainers. We have an approval given by the National Institute I.E.F.P. to conduct training courses for trainers, thereby enabling their stakeholders to achieve the Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude - CAP.

Campus Digital

Instituto Unicenter - Marcas - Escola Campus DigitalThe Campus Digital school is a trademark of Advance Station Group whose core business is training and education of young people and adults with the aim of increasing school enrollment, through CEF, EFA, UFCDs Training and Certification Courses.


Formação de Formadores - Parcerias - LinguaphoneFounded in 1901, Linguaphone is recognized as the pioneer of the language distance and face-to-face learning system . The extensive range of learning products of Linguaphone covers 15 languages​​ and was sold in over 60 countries and taught more than 7 million people worldwide..

Direct English

Instituto Unicenter - Marcas - Direct EnglishTo meet the growing global demand for English language learning the Linguaphone Group is now focused on promoting tutoring to adults through a network of Vocational Training around the world, operating under the brand Direct English.


Instituto Unicenter - Marcas - MicrogloboThe MICROGLOBO is a company from Advance Station Group, devoted to online selling of products and services belonging to the universe of companies in this business group. It also commercializes products from external suppliers linked to business sector of the Advance Group Station.

The Brooks Group

Instituto Unicenter - Marcas - The Brooks GroupThe Brooks Group is a company dedicated to the discovery, development and retention of the commercial area and helped more than 2000 companies from 500 different lines of business to adopt the best commercial practices and actions.


Instituto Unicenter - Marcas - A&DCA&DC is known for its Assessment Exercises and Development Centers AC-EXS ®. Has built a peerless reputation, based on developing high quality products which produces real results against the spectrum of talent management.