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Pingu's English [Portugal]

An educational, fun and entertaining children's English language course based on the enormously popular animated television character, Pingu.™.

Centred around the true-to-life everyday adventures of Pingu and his family and friends, Pingu's English teaches English to young children of 3+ years old and is brought to you by the Linguaphone Group, the global language training provider.

The creation of Pingu's English is the responsibility of the Linguaphone Group, a global company dedicated to language teaching and was brought to Portugal by Group Advance Station.



To identify a business opportunity that is unique and offers exceptional potential on a global basis is a real rarity.


Business Opportunity

Pingu´s English - Business OpportunityIt's well known that English is considered essential for a child's education and prosperity. Parents and carers are willing to spend a significant proportion of their income to ensure their child gets a good head start in life.

An exceptional opportunity waiting to be explored!

The English teaching market for children is undoubtedly an opportunity for highly demanding, highly rewarding and potentially significant return / profit.

This is a continuously growing market, characterized by parents / carers who invest a significant portion of their income on education of children in order to ensure the most basic skills from an early age for a successful entry into the formal education system.